Thought Catalog Sets Record for Email Spam

Thought Catalog Inundates Email Inbox With Thousands of Daily Spam Emails

By: Peter Egan

I don’t know what Thought Catalog is. As best I can tell it’s one of those article marketing (read: “spam”) sites whereby anyone can publish blog posts to a relatively authoritative site, at least according to the various tools and browser extensions  that evaluate domain and page authority.

Over the years, I’ve received more than my fair share of spam emails, but never have I experienced anything like I have the past few weeks with this site called Thought Catalog (I’m not linking to the spam site – if you want to view it for yourself please enter the URL into the browser manually, it consists of the two words, combined as one with no spaces, followed by “dot com.”)

I’ve wound up having my email address sold to spammers dozens if not hundreds of times, and it’s a nuisance to be sure. However, I’ve never seen email spam at a volume that even comes close to approaching the amount of spam one of my email addresses has been inundated with by this Thought Catalog site. I’m not talking about a few emails a day. I’m not talking about a few dozen emails a day (which would be excessive no matter the circumstances). No, I’m talking between 500-1,000 emails every 12 hours or so. The amount of email I’ve received from this site over the past few weeks has made it next to impossible to keep track of that inbox and identify any important emails that I either did sign up for or want to receive.

Thought Catalog Email Spam

That brings me to my next point, I have no recollection of ever encountering this site before, and know I never agreed to receive 1,000+ emails per day from their spam authors.

My message is, if you’re within reading distance of this blog, my advice is to stay as far away from Thought Catalog as possible lest they parasitically attach themselves to your inbox and attack you with so many automated emails that your inbox will be virtually useless until you unsubscribe, if you’re able to unsubscribe. I’ve tried to unsubscribe several times now (it’s worth pointing out I never subscribed in the first place), yet as of the time of this writing I am still receiving about 20 emails per hour from this spamlog.

There is no legitimate reason to ever visit Thought Catalog, and if you do, or if they somehow obtain your email address via subversive means, whether or not they honor your unsubscribe request will determine whether your email address can be salvaged or if you’d be better off starting anew and hoping Thought Catalog doesn’t get a hold of your new address.

I have a log of online presences and a log of email addresses. I have or have had no less than 50 email addresses over the past ten years. Not one of those addresses has ever received anywhere close to the volume of email spam that the address about which I’m writing has been subjected to by spam blog Thought Catalog.

I don’t care what the nature or topic of your site is, if you’re emailing someone several hundred times each day, you’re a spammer who deserves to be blacklisted from the web, as is my opinion as it relates to Thought Catalog.

The bottom line is that this post is a warning, attempting to get the word out about Thought Catalog and the fact that if they get a copy of your email address, you might as well delete it because they’ll spam it so heavily you’ll never be able to find another non-spam email again, at least in that address.

You’ve been warned, please act prudently as it relates to spam blog Thought Catalog.

Thought Catalog

Author: Peter Egan

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