Paris Begging to Come Inside

Paris Egan (American Pit Bull) Begging to Come Inside

Pit Bull Begging to Come Inside

Paris Dog Pathetically Begs to Come Inside While Sporting the “Cone of Shame”

Paris, Peter Egan’s five year old American Pit Bull (dog) lays outside the back door with the “cone of shame” around her head begging to come into the house.

Paris doesn’t like wearing the cone, and considers it a personal insult that Peter would have the audacity to put such a distasteful accessory around her neck.

For the record, she’s wearing the cone because one of her toes became infected and she was licking the toe, which was keeping the infection alive. The vet gave her antibiotics and some OTC Pepcid, ordering that she be given one pill of each for two weeks, while wearing the cone the entire time in order to prevent her from licking the toe and introducing new bacteria into a nearly-healed wound.

This is her first time having to wear the cone despite a serious veterinary emergency just a few months ago. During one of the three major floods to hit the area in the past 12 months, Paris swallowed a fishing hook that was baited with “stink bait.” Stink bait is ready-made commercial catfish bait sold under brand names like Magic Bait and Catfish Charlie’s. It smells awful, so naturally a dog’s first thought is to eat it. As a matter of fact, it smells so bad I often add a bag of stink bait to some of my catfish chum recipes.

During one of these major floods, While I was fishing I turned my back for one second and that was enough time fr Paris to swallow the wad of stink-bait surrounding the hook attached to the fishing pole. After trying and failing to get her to vomit it back up, I decided to set the hook while it was still in her stomach, rather than letting it get into her digestive tract where it most likely would have killed her. At least with the hook set, I could bring her to a vet and have them remove it.

Tchefuncte River Flooding

The only problem with that is that I had to wade through chest-high water filled with snakes and alligators while carrying a 70-pound dog a quarter mile to reach a dry roadway where my brother was kind enough to meet me, taking Paris and bringing her to a vet. She required surgery, but has made a full recovery.

Suffice it to say, she feels like the cone is beneath her, and is so embarrassed to have to wear it outside that just lays by the back door begging to be let in. She thinks she’s my biological daughter, and her strategy appears to be to try and look pathetic enough that I give in and let her in. It won’t work. Not today…

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