Peter Egan – Official Website

Peter Egan and Newt GingrichWelcome to the brand-new debut of the official website for Peter Egan.

Peter Egan is a man in his mid-30’s from south Louisiana. He has spent the majority of his professional life working within the healthcare industry in one form or another.

Full Name: Peter F. Egan Jr.
DOB: December 26, 1981
Occupation: Healthcare Administrator
Education: Tulane University (Pubic Relations, Marketing)

Brief Bio:
Peter has worked in the healthcare field since the late 1990’s, the majority of which came working under the supervision of his father, Peter St., who was a co-founder and current CEO of EGAN Home Health Care and EGAN Hospice.

Both companies are spread-out across southeaster Louisiana, sharing nine office locations between the two companies and serving all of southeast Louisiana. EGAN has approximately 300 employees, and over 1,000 patients at any given time spread out across the SE portion of the state.

Peter built and maintains the company website, and is in the process of working on a couple new sites to help further segment and differentiate the different businesses.

In the mid-late 1990’s, Peter’s mother decided to pursue her dream of opening a wellness and anti-aging clinic. Peter helped with that, building her website and helping her book the clinic to capacity almost instantly. He still does occasional web and IT work for his mother’s companies, the EGAN Wellness and Anti-Aging Clinic and EGAN Skin Care and Med Spa.

Please check back to this site regularly as it is very new, and there will be frequent updates added as soon as they can be added.

The purpose of this site is somewhat of a dual-purpose in nature, serving as both a business/professional site/portfolio as well as a personal blog whereby Mr. Egan considers very few topics to be off limits.

Peter Egan and Mary Matalin